Fleet Mangers Who Seek Appropriate Support Improve the Odds of Overcoming DEF-Related Challenges

Fleet Mangers Who Seek Appropriate Support Improve the Odds of Overcoming DEF-Related Challenges

As many fleet managers have discovered to their chagrin, diesel exhaust fluid , or DEF, is not as easy to store, handle, and dispense as would be hoped. Given that peak blue def is a crucial resource for most diesel truck fleets today, though, coming up short in any relevant respect is simply not an option.


where to buy diesel exhaust fluid like BlueDEF make the work of fleet managers easier by providing products and services that are tuned to account for the unique nature and demands of DEF. Choosing to work with such a partner will inevitably make DEF management far easier.


A Simple, Affordable Solution That is Delicate and Prone to Contamination


Many diesel-burning vehicles today include emissions-reducing systems that require the presence of DEF. When a mist of DEF is automatically sprayed into the exhaust stream of a diesel-powered truck, it will break down dangerous nitrogen oxides into innocuous, harmless components.


It might be thought that such an important result would require the use of an advanced, sophisticated chemical compound. In fact, DEF is composed of only purified, deionized water and a common organic substance called urea.


With the water serving to stabilize, buffer, and protect the active ingredient, the urea in DEF breaks down in the presence of hot exhaust gases. The freed-up molecules that result then break the bonds holding the nitrogen oxide compounds in those gases.


The same volatility and reactivity that make DEF effective at reducing harmful emissions also leave it vulnerable to degradation and contamination when in storage and while being transported or handled. Fleet managers have to be sure to keep DEF pure until the vehicles they are responsible for actually use and consume the additive.


Effective Solutions are Available


Fleet managers who have tried to keep up with this important duty on their own have inevitably discovered that it is an especially challenging one. The quality of DEF can easily be lowered at any of the various stages in the supply chain.


Even simply storing DEF on site in a vessel not specifically designed for that purpose can render it more or less unusable. With transporting and dispensing DEF exposing it to even more hazardous conditions, problems can seem almost unavoidable.


Seeking support from companies that have already accounted for the demanding, delicate nature of DEF ends up being the best solution. Businesses that offer lines of specialized DEF Equipment, for instance, will help make problems a lot less likely. DEF Pumps, storage containers, and other assets can easily make the normally difficult work of management a lot simpler.