Benefits of Using ZVI for Site Remediation

Benefits of Using ZVI for Site Remediation

Readers who work in the complex field of site remediation already know that zero valent iron (ZVI) powders are one of the most powerful tools of the trade. The ZVI powders provided by Hepure are the most widely-used powders on today's markets, having been applied to over 150 contaminated sites across North America. Read on to find more information about ZVI powders and their remediation benefits below for help deciding whether to switch to this reliable and well-respected supplier.


A Cost-Effective Solution


ZVI remediation offers a more cost-effective solution than chemical oxidants in most remediation scenarios. This form of remediation offers a long-lasting solution that remains reactive for up to 15 years, allowing remediation companies to provide their clients with more effective and more affordable services.


Impressive Safety


While chemical oxidants can be difficult to handle safely, ZVI does not contain harmful chemicals. It can be delivered in site-ready applications, too, so there are fewer handling concerns.


Sustainable Remediation Practices


Since ZVI is made from recycled iron, it comes with the added benefit of being more environmentally sustainable than many of its alternatives. The iron used to remediate contaminated sites is literally being saved from winding up in a landfill, making its production impressively environmentally sustainable.


No Toxic By-Products


ZVI produces biotic reactions to destroy contaminants without producing any kind of toxic by-products. groundwater treatment increases both its safety of handling and its effectiveness and reduces complications at contaminated sites.


Can Be Used with Bioremediation Treatments


The fact that ZVI doesn't use or produce bio-toxic chemicals or alter soil and water pH values makes it perfect for preparing sites for ongoing bioremediation. Bioremediation products and microbial support products can also be purchased from the same supplier, making it easier for site remediation companies to offer their clients the ongoing help that they need.


Does Not React with water remediation is not impacted by soil oxidant demand, which means that it doesn't react with soil at all. Its reactive benefits will thus be conferred exclusively to the contaminants being treated, making it more effective than many chemical oxidants.


Variety of Products


There are several different types of ZVI powder available for site remediation projects, and each of them is designed to treat different environmentally contaminated zones. zero valent iron remediation is perfect for treating zones adjacent to the contaminant source area, while Ferox Target was created for applications both within unsaturated and saturated source areas. Ferox PRB features uniform density and mesh size and is guaranteed to be free of rust, dust, and lubricating oils, offering an effective and efficient solution for site remediation.


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