Minutes of Mission Well # 4

Minutes of Mission Well # 4

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Half of 90s action film Lush flowering launched a decade ago is about to end. Convention dying, wiped begins to be at the bottom. Then enters the scene with a young audience favorite idea ready in his hand, he seems to say: "In all been waiting for something like this." His name is Tom. How to save the cinema before the sensational collapse? "Breaking the banal convention something original" - Tom smiled as soon as he can. Brian de Palma, whose Cruise talked to the director, filmed thriller mixed with a sensational action in the ideal proportions - crowds of spectators around the world gone mad. Since the first "Mission: Impossible" has passed but fifteen years is a long time for a series of so profitable - and she just went through fourth views. That's bad, very bad, because all this time sensational cinema has evolved further, at least we can see the following sections of the series "M: I". They lack any cohesion appears in them only two known characters (Tom addition, Ving Rhames only occurs in each installment), and the name of the agency for which they work.


On the other hand, sitting for the session viewer does not have to worry about the previous "Missions ..." - is drawn into the action, and with it however it comes. Held in a Moscow prison, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise irreplaceable) is reflected in a daring manner by a team of the IMF, Jane Carter (Paula Patton) and Benji Dunn (known from "M: I 3" Simon Pegg). After a quick briefing they Ethan engage in action to break into the archives of the Kremlin, it will do the Cobalt, terrorist wanting to trigger a nuclear war, and which has already starting to codes of Russian warheads. When it seems that the action runs smoothly, it turns out that the team fell into the trap set by the Cobalt, which agency shall pay the blame for the bombing of the Kremlin.


War hangs in the air, and only a brave agent of Hunt and his team can stop dangerous opponent ... The action takes place slowly at first, agents entertain long time in one place - first Moscow, then in Dubai, and the final will take place in Mumbai. There is not too much travel, it is too intense action, where the full force trying to focus our writers and director Brad Bird, together in the main roles. But you can not fail to notice that the "Ghost Protocol" as any previous edition of the impression schematic, clearly divided into several smaller segments, smaller missions. Each one uses a super-gadget, and we are in every straszeni- "this time will not succeed."


The creators clearly have a problem with the building of tension, it is a sinusoidal waveform - growing of wild speed, to the climax lose momentum and drown in a tangle of grotesque gags or stale dialogue. At the end of the session, "Ghost Protocol" is felt by fatigue, and the final struggle agents do not make any impression, as the perfect start. Places new "Mission: Impossible" is a comedy rather than sensational spy thriller. On the other hand, Brad Bird smuggled to "Ghost Protocol" little nostalgia present in his other work - "The Incredibles," which are skillful pastiche of conventions under the sign of espionage agent "007". Here, too, the field of action film director did not give up a kind of mocking carelessness.


It is true that sometimes reminds characteristic humor, John McClane`a cut style, and therefore most suitable for entertainment and sensational tone of the show, on the other hand, sometimes openly mocks the trappings of spy parodies or even more familiar motifs series "M: I", causing unfortunately consternation. Once again, we received conservative image, incomparable with the first part of "Mission: Impossible", so in terms of climate, the story and execution (although the introduction to the story of negotiations successfully).


"Ghost Protocol" is a formal continuation of the third part of the series, so people familiar with the previous installment should get out of the theater also satisfied. However, if the cut under the formula of "Mission: Impossible" and rearrange the names of heroes, "Ghost Protocol" could well pass for a continuation of last year's "explosive vapors."


However this is not a bad movie. Lots of action and humor will appeal to many viewers. Evidenced by the excellent reviews and results-box-office worldwide. I warn against the "Ghost Protocol" only fans of the original, from which this film does not have much in common.


The biggest drawback is the lack of image expressive form, because the authors strongly focused on "mission impossible to do." The problem lies in the fact that once again simply had to go. It would be worthwhile to invest time so the viewer in something you will not expect from the beginning. .